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urgent care

Weaver Family Medicine has extended hours to accomodate the urgent needs of our patients. With the addition of our new clinicians we are now able to see our patients within 48 hours. Urgent care is typically reserved for medical needs that include acute illness, infection, injury, or a medical need that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled visit. All of our clinicians can suture lacerations, evaluate injury, and diagnose and treat acute illness.

Generally urgent care visits are staffed by one of our advanced practice clinicians (PA, ARNP). These clinicians also provide well care, but are available for urgent needs. If there is a need for physician oversight our clinicians have ready access to Drs. Weaver and Harvey.

Our goal is to provide service so that our patients can avoid emergency care. We encourage our receptionists to offer urgent care visits rather than referring patients to the emergency room, however, there are still cases where emergency care is the best option. If you call and are referred to the emergency room our staff will have run your case by one of our clinicians and they have determined that emergency care is more appropriate.

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